Feel the Impact of a Healthy Workforce.

Building a healthy workplace doesn't happen all at once. It can't be forced, and it can't be bought. Instead...it must be infused - into your daily priorities, into your decision making, and into your culture. Salus Corporate Wellness programs are designed to infuse health and wellness throughout your workplace, creating lasting effects on productivity, employee engagement, and culture.

Salus' Customized Services Fit Your Culture

  • Health Coaching
  • Interactive Programming
  • Engaging Wellness Challenges
  • Fitness and Nutrition Assessments
  • Biometrics and Health Risk Appraisals
  • Fitness Center and Annual Program Management
  • Stress Management and Tobacco Education
  • On-site Fitness and Yoga Classes
  • Personal Training
  • Wellness Strategy



Where you could get to,

if there was someone

there to help you

achieve your goals

"Thank you for helping change my life. Without your classes and wellness focus, I could not have done this. My goal was to get to a healthy BMI level which a year ago I never thought would be possible. But today I am there and cannot wait to see my doctor at my next appointment and show her I did it! You are one of the best things that has happened to me. Thank you for all that you do."

-Carol, Milwaukee Electric Tool

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