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Eat Healthy with Salus Corporate Wellness

Keep your team happy by keeping them healthy with Salus Corporate Wellness.

You can see the impact of a healthy workforce. In each collaborative meeting, in productive days and in supportive teams. A truly healthy workforce is present in the boardroom and implemented in the lunchroom. It's seen on the top line, reflected in the bottom line and can be measured in every vibrant employee. Salus Corporate Wellness focuses on creating a healthy individual and healthy workplace by building a relationship between the two with wellness programs that are designed for your culture.

What does Salus mean?

The Roman goddess of welfare, health and prosperity in mythology, Salus was responsible for the wellbeing of both the individual and the state. Founded by a physician with a vision for preventing illness, Salus was formed to meet the needs of the employee and employer to develop and nurture a culture of wellbeing that is facilitated by a caring, passionate team.

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